Plus provides energy accuracy and transparency

Plus is the smart, modern way to manage your business energy. We keep your costs low by keeping our overheads low, with simplified, bespoke pricing and proactive support to make sure you’re more in control of your business energy costs.

Total customer focus

We’ll make sure you can view your balance and bills quickly and easily online. If you need more help, our UK-based webchat team and experienced energy brokers are ready to help you with any issues you have. No fuss.


Understanding your energy usage

By giving you access to your half-hourly data, together we can start to work out how your business could operate more efficiently and reduce its energy use.

Traceable, fully-certified green energy

Every unit of energy you use is backed by 100% renewable energy or a mix of renewable and carbon off-setting. This means you and and your customers can be proud of helping to create a sustainable future.


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